Delta Solenoid



If your requirements exceed the DeltaGDI4 specifications, you either need the Solenoid IDM (to drive a solenoid injector) or the Delta Piezo IDM (to drive a piezo injector) on top of either the Delta800 or the Delta880.

This depends on the type of DI injector in your engine.

Injector type

In general there are two types of injectors, Piezo or Solenoid. Most applications are solenoid type injectors, but platforms such as the BMW N54, JLR AJ133, JLR AJ126 and some Mercedes AMG motors have Piezo injectors.

The BMW N55 motor has Solenoid type injectors.

How can one determine whether you’re dealing with a Piezo or a Solenoid injector?

The simplest method is with a multi-meter on the resistance mode. With the Piezo injector you’ll see values well above 100 kΩ. When you have a solenoid injector the value measure across the pins of the injector will be similar to normal injectors (well below 1kΩ).