BMW E46 M3 PnP kit


Direct replacement engine management system for the BMW E46 M3

SCS Delta 800 ECU pre mapped for a standard engine

CAN-USB Interface

Adapter harness

Lead time on this product is typically 3-4 weeks


This complete engine management system for the BMW M54 engine controls all the standard engine parameters including the double VANOS system, variable inlet stacks and electronic throttle. The package comprises an SCS Delta 800 ECU, interface harness to fit to standard loom (fits in the standard ecu box)and CAN-USB adapter.
The ECU is pre-mapped for the standard M54 engine in a standard car. The system is fully programmable and can easily be used to optimise any engine modifications that you make.

A Plug and Play ECU kit featuring the amazing Delta800 ECU, featuring everything the Delta 800 ecu has to offer, but to be more specific:

  1. DBW throttle blipper for downshift rev matching
  2. Closed or open loop gear cut, switch or direct GCU input
  3. Comprehensive launch control
  4. Pitlane speed limiter
  5. NOS control with fuel compensation
  6. Closed loop boost control with over-boost fuel cut protection and gear offsets
  7. Traction control with driver control slip setting
  8. Individual cylinder knock control
  9. Engine logbook recording vital engine statistics
  10. Alpha-N, speed density or hybrid Alpha-N with MAP correction load input
  11. 32 x 32 variable breakpoint fuel and ignition main maps
  12. Maximum engine speed breakpoints up to 16,500 rpm
  13. User selectable OEM CAN output to drive original equipment
  14. Stereo closed loop fuelling
  15. Comprehensive transient fuelling control
  16. Closed loop idle speed control for both ignition and idle air bypass valve
  17. Variable camshaft timing control for up to 4 camshafts
  18. Map switching for fuel ignition and boost as well as drive-by-wire
  19. Air conditioning clutch control with two-stage fans
  20. Dual CAN-BUS for OEM integration and motorsport dashboards loggers

Enquire about lead-time before finalising an order please, as this may vary. Some kits require a wiring loom to be sent in, which is to be modified.