Ford ECOboost 1.6 (220 BHP)



This complete engine management system for the Ford 2.0 EcoBoost engine controls all the standard engine parameters including the dual variable valve timing system, drive by wire throttle, high pressure fuel pump and high voltage DI injectors. The package comprises an Delta GDI 4 ECU and modified Ford engine wiring loom (as an exchange). The GDI 4 ECU is pre-mapped for the standard engine, modified engines will require remapping to optimise the power gain from those modifications.

With this ECU and loom combination the very powerful and modern 2.0 EcoBoost engine can easily be used in many different applications from kit cars, track cars

The wiring loom is provided on an exchange basis, a useable standard engine loom must be provided. We can supply a brand new loom if required, and we will need to know the age and model of the vehicle your engine came from. Lead time on this product is typically 3-4 weeks. 

This kit comes with closed loop wideband lambda integrated, hence the slight increase in pricing, compared to the 2.0/2.3L packages.