Delta 400




The SCS Delta 400 is the fastest and most powerful ECU in its class. Software configurable set up allows for CAN-BUS integration, VVT control, coil on plug ignition and up to 6 injector outputs.

Normal features, such as:

  • Up to 4 cylinders direct ignition and sequential injection
  • Up to 6 cylinders wasted spark and sequential injection
  • Up to 8 cylinders wasted spark and batched injection
  • Engine logbook recording vital engine statistics
  • Wide range of OE trigger patterns supported
  • 32 x 32 variable breakpoint fuel and ignition main maps
  • Alpha-N, speed density or hybrid Alpha-N with MAP correction load input
  • Maximum engine speed breakpoints up to 16,500 rpm
  • User selectable OEM CAN output to drive original equipment

Special features such as:

  1. Stereo closed loop fuelling
  2. Comprehensive transient fuelling control
  3. Closed loop boost control with over-boost fuel cut protection and gear offsets
  4. Closed loop idle speed control for both ignition and idle air bypass valve
  5. Variable camshaft timing control for up to 2 camshafts
  6. VTEC cam switching control
  7. Comprehensive launch control
  8. Pitlane speed limiter
  9. Closed or open loop gear cut, switch or direct GCU input
  10. four-cylinder staged injection
  • 6 injector outputs
  • 4 ignition outputs
  • 5 low side outputs 3A
  • 3 linear analogue inputs
  • 3 NTC analogue inputs
  • 2 lambda analogue inputs
  • 1 CAN 2.0B channel
  • 1 500mA sensor supply output
  • 1 Internal barometric pressure sensor
  • 3 software selectable VR/Hall inputs






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