Innovate TC-4 Plus

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The TC-4 PLUS is 4 channel type-K thermocouple amplifier device that can be used a stand-alone system or as part of a system.

• Temperature range 0- 1093 deg C
• 4-Configurable linear 0-5V analog outputs (one per input)

Most ECUs don’t have a direct thermocouple input, which means the signal has to be conditioned prior to going to the ECU. Just about every ECU has a programmable analogue 0V – 5V input. The TC-4 Plus allows you to add 4 K-type thermocouples to monitor the temperature of, for example: exhaust gas, air charge, coolant, and so on.

You can then configure the TC-4 Plus to output a 0V-5V signal to the ECU input.