Innovate LC-2 Wideband (0,9m cable)

225.00 200.00


The Innovate LC-2 wideband controller is a real neat bit of kit, allowing you to monitor your air/fuel ratio, or lambda, in real-time, whether you’re running a petrol, diesel, ethanol, etc engine.

The added bonus of the innovate system is the MTS, which allows you to connect multiple innovate devices to each other, building a data-acquisition system as you go. This would neatly work together with the TC-4 Plus for example.


  • Wideband O² Compatible with ALL fuel types
  • Ability to “free-air” calibrate O² sensor for maximum accuracy
  • Integrated dual-color status LED (Green/Red)
  • 2 Configurable linear 0-5v analog outputs, simulation of narrowband signal possible
  • Positive lock connectors for all connections
  • Innovate MTS serial in/out
  • Serial connection to your PC
  • Real-time display data on screen and/or with LogWorks software


Innovate webpage