Chip tuning at VPR, now a given!

Are you interested in having your car/boat/truck/camper chip tuned? Please read the information below.

Performance Based Chiptuning

In terms of chip tuning, we know 2 types. The first being performance based, where the performance of your vehicle is to be optimised.

Eco Tuning to save fuel!

The second type is Eco-Chip-Tuning. With an Eco-Chip we optimise your engine to run as efficient as possible, using the most of every drop of fuel. Resulting in fuel saving from the get-go.

Contact us with the following information, concerning your vehicle:



Version: (GTi for example)

Model year:

License plate:


Desired tune: ECO, Power Stage 1/2/3/…

We strive to get back to you within 24 hrs.

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(VPR-tuning is spin-off of VPR-engineering, specialised in chip-tuning)