Did you know this about Diesel?!

Did you know these Delta ECUs, with either the Piezo or Solenoid IDM, also work on Diesels!!! Yes, Diesels! Fully Programmable engine management systems are now an option for Diesels too!

No more need to stick to an off-the-shelf kit or spend extortionate amounts of money. Finally some freedom to do what you want, whether it’s diesel or petrol.

Shown below is a list of engines which have been successfully run using SCS Delta products, varying from Peugeot to BMW to Jaguar Land Rover.

List of engines

BMW 2.0 M47 TU2
BMW 3.0 M57 TU2

Ford DV6 1.6 16v
Ford Puma 2.4/3.2
Ford Global Puma 2.2/3.2

Jaguar Land Rover TDV6 2.7/3.0
Jaguar Land Rover TDV8 3.6

Peugeot DW10

Fiat/Alfa 1.9 JTD 16v

Smart 0.8 OM660

Subaru 2.0 EE20

Duramax 6.7 LML

Mercedes 3.0 OM642

Contact us to enquire as to what the options are.

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