Welcome to the TechTalk section,

Here we’ll be discussing certain concepts and considerations, showing you how we approach issues, upgrades, improvements and so on.

The first few posts will be about exhausts, manifolds, design and consideration.

As this is quite a big topic it will take a few posts to discuss everything. During these posts certain physical aspects will be discussed as well as specific engine-related topics, such as: mass flow rate, particle velocity, pulse waves, harmonics, scavenging and so on.

starting with discussing relating exhaust design to a naturally aspirated, 200-300 BHP, platform we’ll be moving toward turbocharged platforms. A number of considerations to be made when dealing with a turbocharged platform can also be found here, if you’re too impatient 😉

If you wish to discuss a topic, which is to be published here, but isn’t yet, please feel free to contact us.

The same applies if you wish to discuss different relevant topics, as we are constantly looking into publishing more information on here.

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