VPR-Engineering is dealer of SCS Delta products

VPR-Engineering is now dealer of SCS Delta products, developed and built in the United Kindom!!!

This will allow you to upgrade your vehicle/project with some amazing feats!

The most important being a full engine management system for your Direct Fuel (petrol) Injected engine! Different turbo? No problem! All you need to worry about is whether you can get that power to the ground.

The links below are the brochures of the SCS-Delta ECU range.
(All prices in the are excluding BTW/VAT)

Delta400   Delta800   Delta880   DeltaGDI4

For info on kits, please have a look in the VPR-Shop

But wait, there’s more!

Did you know these ECUs, with either the Piezo or Solenoid IDM, also work on Diesels!!! Yes, Diesels! Fully Programmable engine management solutions for Diesels are now an option too!


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