Due to our experience and education we are able to provide you an array of services extending far beyond just automotive, but due to the experience being primarily in automotive/motorsport, this is where most experience is.

Whether you require assistance through means of a consult, design, calibration, fabrication or technological implementation, we can help!


Calibration of engine management systems, OEM and aftermarket. Examples of aftermarket systems:

  • SCS Delta  
  • LINK                    
  • AEM
  • Apex’i Power FC
  • MegaSquirt
  • ECUmaster


Design of products and systems, such as:

  • Intake/exhaust manifolds or systems
  • Suspension components


Calculation(s), such as Turbocharger matching for Internal Combustion Engines 


  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Milling (manual)
  • Lathe (manual)